A new glucoside from Rhodiola fastigiata (Crassulaceae) PDF Print E-mail

Yang H, Mei S-X, Peng L-Y, Lin Z-W, Sun H-D: A new glucoside from Rhodiola fastigiata (Crassulaceae). Acta Botanica Sinica 2002, 44(2):224-226.

A new glucoside, fastigitin A (1), namely 2-O-beta-D-glucopyransyl-3-methyl-methyl pinalate, together with twelve known constituents (2-13), was isolated from the root of Rhodiola fastigiata (Hook. f. et Thoms.) S. H. Fu collected from Nujiang Lisu autonomous region, Yunnan, China. Their structures were identified by spectral (including 2D-NMR techniques) and chemical methods. Compounds 2 and 5-9 were obtained from this plant for the first time.


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