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Kuvaev VB, Sonnikova AE, Biazrov LG, Ignatova EA: On knowledge of cold alpine deserts of West Sayan. Botanicheskii Zhurnal (St Petersburg) 2002, 87(4):56-70.

An opinion was advanced earlier about occurrence of cold alpine deserts (CAD) in the West Sayan (Kuvaev, 1985). In 1991 the co-authors of the paper V. B. Kuvaev and A. E. Sonnikova investigated the peak 2735.4 and other mountains in the upstreams of the Sinyaya (Blue) River in the Sayano-Shushensky Nature Reserve. The flora of local CAD comprises 51 species of lichens (including Lecidea atrobrunnea, Pertusaria geminipara, Umbilicaria cylindrica and other species with maximum frequency in CAD belt); 28 species of bryophytes (including Tetralophozia setiformis, Pogonatum dentatum, Grimmia incurva); 111 species of tracheophytes (including 21 species recorded only for CAD belt). Eriophorum scheuchzeri, Salix berberifolia, S. nasarovii, Rhodiola quadrifida, Saxifraga hirculus, S. oppositifolia are found only in CAD formation. Also characteristic are Luzula confusa, L. multiflora subsp. frigida, Oxygraphis glacialis, Cardamine bellidifolia, Saxifraga cespitosa etc. Among other are more southern Dracocephalum grandiflorum, Pyrethrum pulchrum etc. Plant formations in CAD belt are generally the same as in subarctic Eurasian mountains (Kuvaev, l.c.): Frigorideserta alpina, Tundra supraalpina, Pratula alpina. However, some associations typical for subarctic CAD belt have not been found: Frigorideserta alpina mortua, f. a. foliaceo-lichenosa etc. As a whole, CAD of the West Sayan (typical South Siberian mountains), though they have specific features, evidently fall into CAD of Eurasian subarctic mountains.


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