Rhodiola iremelica (Crassulaceae) in the Southern Urals PDF Print E-mail

Ishmuratova MM: Rhodiola iremelica (Crassulaceae) in the Southern Urals. Botanicheskii Zhurnal (St Petersburg) 2002, 87(5):38-50.

Results of the complex investigation of Rhodiola iremelica, a species endemic to the Southern Urals, are given. Carried out were population, phytocoenotic, ontogenetic, anatomical and morphological, caryological, chemical, tissue cultural, immune-enzymatic, pharmacological studies. Taxonomic individuality of the species and urgency of increase of the population conservation regime are reasoned.


Swissmedic registriertes Rhodiola Produkt: Erhältlich in Apotheken und Drogerien