The Systematic Position of Sedum-Tuberosum Crassulaceae PDF Print E-mail

T Hart H: The Systematic Position of Sedum-Tuberosum Crassulaceae. Proceedings of the Koninklijke Nederlandse Akademie van Wetenschappen Series C Biological and Medical Sciences 1982, 85(4):497-508.

In view of its hybridization pattern the North-African S. tuberosum Coss. et Let. is classified in the series Alpestria Berger of the sect. Sedum of the genus Sedum L. It also resembles the species of the series Alpestria in its floral morphology and anatomy, the ornamentation of the testa and the presence of an ovular envelope. The anatomy of the stout monopodial caudex of S. tuberosum is quite simple and differs largely from the complex stelar structures found in the rhizomes of the species of the sect. Rhodiola (L.) Scop. The high basic chromosome number (X = 23) of S. tuberosum as well as the anatomy and morphology of its hybrid with S. alpestre Vill. (X = 8) indicate that S. tuberosum is a neoendemic in which the monopodial caudex has developed only recently, in the evolutionary sense.


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