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1 Rhodiola rosea: A versatile adaptogen 3793
2 Cordyceps sinensis- and Rhodiola rosea-based supplementation in male cyclists and its effect on muscle tissue oxygen saturation 2900
3 Chemical composition of the essential oil from rhizomes of Rhodiola rosea L. grown in Finland 2069
4 Golden rules and pitfalls in selecting optimum conditions for high-speed counter-current chromatography 1663
5 Antihypoxic activity of alcoholic extracts from Helianthus tuberosus (Asteraceae) tubers and leaves on the background of physical load and hypoxic hypoxia in mice 1512
6 Altitudinal variation of antioxidative system in leaves of Rhodiola quadrifida and R-gelida 1483
7 Prevention of Rhodiola-astragalus membranaceus compounds against simulated plateau hypoxia brain injury in rat 1472
8 Herbal Medicine and Cancer: An Introductory Overview 1371
9 The effect of Hongjingtian (Gadol) injection on cardiac hemodynamics and myocardial oxygen consumption of dogs 1369
10 Notulae crassulacearum asiae orientalis (3) 1287
11 Micropropagation of Rhodiola Kirilowii plants using encapsulated axillary buds and callus 1279
12 Risks of the complementary medicine Rhodiola rosea in breast cancer 1260
13 Stimulating effect of adaptogens: An overview with particular reference to their efficacy following single dose administration 1252
14 Extraction of polysaccharide from Rhodiola 1 with ultrasonic wave 1248
15 P.5.022 Neuroprotective effect of Phytomix-40 in experimental parkinsonian syndrome 1225
16 The risks of complementary medicine use (Rhodiola rosea) in breast cancer 1225
17 Enzymic synthesis of salidroside: Purification and characterization of salidrosidase from Aspergillas niger 1222
18 Bioactive compounds from Rhodiola rosea (Crassulaceae) 1218
19 Impact of Chisan (R) (ADAPT-232) on the quality-of-life and its efficacy as an adjuvant the treatment of acute non-specific pneumonia 1202
20 Regulating the composition of anthocyanins and phenolic acids in a sweetpotato cell culture towards production of polyphenolic complex with enhanced physiological activity 1191
21 Salidroside contents and related Enzymatic activities in Rhodiola kirilowii callus 1189
22 Synthesis of Rosavin and its analogues based on a Mizoroki-Heck type reaction 1179
23 The systemic theory of living systems and relevance to CAM: The theory (Part II) 1165
24 Anti-proliferative and pro-apoptotic effects of herbal medicine on hepatic stellate cell 1151
25 Identification of Rhodiola species by using RP-HPLC 1149
26 Studies on the chemical constituents from Rhodiola dumulosa (I) 1148
27 Volatile profiling of Arabidopsis thaliana - Putative olfactory compounds in plant communication 1147
28 Effective elicitation factors in Morinda elliptica cell suspension culture 1145
29 Adaptogenic and anti-amnesic properties of Evolvulus alsinoides in rodents 1141
30 Understanding local Mediterranean diets: A multidisciplinary pharmacological and ethnobotanical approach 1136
31 Fatty-acid composition of aqueous extracts of mumiyo and roots of Rhodiola Semenovii 1134
32 Cytoprotective and antioxidant activity of Rhodiola imbricata against tert-butyl hydroperoxide induced oxidative injury in U-937 human macrophages 1134
33 Chemical composition of the essential oil of Rhodiola quadrifida from Xinjiang, China 1128
34 Effects of plant growth substances on induction and culture of callus from Rhodiola quadrifida 1111
35 Effect of rhodiola on expressions of Flt-1, KDR and Tie-2 in rats with ischemic myocardium 1097
36 Evaluation of radioprotective activities Rhodiola imbricata Edgew--a high altitude plant 1094
37 Morphophysiological characteristic of the urals and arctic plants of Rhodiola rosea (Crassulaceae) when grown in the Middle Taiga subzone 1091
38 Study on effects of salidroside on lipid peroxidation on oxidative stress in rat hepatic stellate cells 1090
39 Enhanced biotransformation capacity of Rhodiola rosea callus cultures for glycosid production 1089
40 Genetic variation within and among populations of Rhodiola alsia (Crassulaceae) native to the Tibetan Plateau as detected by ISSR markers 1081
41 Zedoariae rhizoma and curcumin inhibits platelet-derived growth factor-induced proliferation of human hepatic myofibroblasts 1080
42 The inhibitory effect of a Korean herbal medicine, Zedoariae rhizoma, on growth of cultured human hepatic myofibroblast cells 1075
43 Rhodiola rosea as antioxidant in red blood cells: ultrastructural and hemolytic behaviour 1075
44 Range-habitat relationships of vascular plant species at the taiga forest-steppe borderline in the western Khentey Mountains, northern Mongolia 1053
45 Identification of levels of vitality in ontomorphogenesis herbaceous perennials 1043
46 P.5.023 Neurolipids: Fatty acid amides withserotonin and dopamine as antioxidants and neuroprotectors 1037
47 P.5.021 Influence of M- and N-cholinoblockers on principal manifestations of experimental parkinsonism induced by Nivalin and neurotoxine MPTP 1017
48 Preparative isolation and purification of phillyrin from the medicinal plant Forsythia suspensa by high-speed counter-current chromatography 1017
49 Cytoprotective and antioxidant activity of Rhodiola imbricata against tert-butyl hydroperoxide induced oxidative injury in U-937 human macrophages 1009
50 Feeding preferences of the Apollo butterfly (Parnassius apollo ssp. frankenbergeri) larvae inhabiting the Pieniny Mts (southern Poland) 1003
51 Effect of salidroside on bone marrow cell cycle and expression of apoptosis-related proteins in bone marrow cells of bone marrow depressed anemia mice 985
52 Simple preparation of phenylpropenoid beta-D-glucopyranoside congeners by Mizoroki-Heck type reaction using organoboron reagents 985
53 Simple synthesis of phenylpropenoid [beta]-d-glucopyranoside congeners based on Mizoroki-Heck type reaction of organoboron reagents 958

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