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1 Bioactive constituents of Chinese natural medicines .2. Rhodiolae radix .1. Chemical structures and antiallergic activity of rhodiocyanosides A and B from the underground part of Rhodiola quadrifida (Pall) Fisch et MEY (Crassulaceae) 1023
2 Nutrient composition of Decrepitude rhodiola and development of ant royal jelly. 895
3 Flavonoid variation in eurasian Sedum and Sempervivum 1957
4 Comparative investigation of high-dispersion silica and combined phytopreparation made on its basis which possess radiation combating activity 684
5 Studies on the chemical constituents of Rhodiola fastigiata 916
6 Anti-blood coagulation and cytotoxic effects of compounds from Chinese plants used for thrombosis-like diseases 910
7 On the connexion of vegetation dynamics with climatic changes in High Asia 806
8 The effect of extract from Rhodiola rosea on the level of inducible HSP-70 in the myocardium during stress 814
9 Alkaloids of some Asian Sedum species 1234
10 Studies on hypoglycemic effect of Rhodiola sachalinensis A. Bor. polysaccharides: Comparison of administration in different ways 804
11 Hypoglycemic effect of Rhodiola sachalinensis A. Bor. polysaccharides: comparison of administration in different ways 894
12 The experimental evaluation of the efficacy of using a Rhodiola rosea extract for treating odontogenic inflammatory diseases 743

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