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1 Flavonol Glycosides from Rhodiola-Crenulata 779
2 The effect of tinctures of some medicinal plants on the ovulational function of experimental animals 619
3 The effect of Rhodiolae rosea extract on incidence rate of superficial bladder carcinoma relapses 669
4 The effect of a Rhodiola rosea extract on the incidence of recurrences of a superficial bladder cancer (experimental clinical research) 674
5 Flavonol glycosides from Rhodiola crenulata 724
6 Studies on chemical constituents of Rhodiola phariensis (H. Ohla) S. H. Fu 743
7 Supporting therapy of gastric cancer patients after radical surgery 683
8 Examining the hepatoprotective effect of a preparation made from Rhodiola rosea culture biomass 663
9 Chromosome-Numbers of Several Rare, Endangered and Endemic Species of the Flora of Slovakia 675
10 Chemical composition of rhizomes of Rhodiola linearifolia Boriss., being introduced into St. Petersburg 656
11 Phenylpropanoids: Promising bioactive substances from medicinal plants 649
12 Rhodiocyanoside-a and Rhodiocyanoside-B, New Antiallergic Cyanoglycosides from Chinese Natural Medicine Si-Li-Hong-Jing-Tian, the Underground Part of Rhodiola-Quadrifida (Pall) Fisch Et Mey 744
13 Distribution of alkaloids and tannins in the Crassulaceae 804
14 Cytotaxonomical studies of Siberian Sedoideae (Crassulaceae) I. Chromosomes of Rhodiola in the Altai Mountains 678

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