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1 A Revision of the Asiatic Species of Sedoideae Crassulaceae 1. Rosularia and Rhodiola Subgenera Primuloides and Crassipedes 907
2 Effect of Rhodiola-Rosea from the Carpathian Mountains Ussr on Nonspecific Factors of Resistance of Rabbits 661
3 Macro Elemental and Micro Elemental Composition of Rhodiola-Rosea Golden Root Root Extracts 602
4 New or Critical Species of Asiatic Sedoideae 724
5 New Flavonol-Glycosides from Rhodiola-Algida 739
6 Phenol Compounds of Rhodiola-Gelida 688
7 Flavonoids of Rhodiola-Litvinovii 700
8 Mechanism of Effects of Salidroside on Metabolism of Catecholamines of the Brain 658
9 New or Critical Species of Asiatic Sedoideae Part 4 719
10 Stimulating Effects of Preparations from Species of the Genus Rhodiola 710
11 A Chemo Systematic Analysis of Rhodiola Species 675
12 Roseroot 776
13 The Alpine Plants in Mapamyum Co District China and on the South Slope of Pengzhe Feng of Gengdise Shan 564
14 New or Critical Species of Asiatic Sedoideae 703
15 Ecological and Biological Characteristics of Rhodiola-Rosea in the Gorno-Altai Autonomous Oblast Russian-Sfsr Ussr 667
16 Growth Biology of Rose Root Stonecrop in the Katunskiy Range Altai Mountains Ussr 646
17 Notes on Himalayan Sedum 5 856
18 Phenol Compounds of Rhodiola-Viridula and Rhodiola-Heterodonta 695
19 Catechols of Rhodiola-Semenovii 748
20 The Dynamics of Salidroside Accumulation in the Rhizomes of the Roseroot in Connection with Its Introduction in the Altai Foothills Ussr 701
21 Studies on Boreal Agromyzidae Diptera Part 10 Phytomyza Miners on Crassulaceae 878
22 Biological Characteristics and Chemical Composition of the Stonecrop under Conditions of Cultivation 697
23 Structure of Alginoside, Gamma-Lactone of Rhodiola-Algida 766
24 Structure of Flavonoids from Rhodiola-Algida .2 766
25 6-O-Galloylarbutin from Rhodiola-Coccinea 707
26 Glacial Flora of the Saalian Age from Gora Kalwaria near Warsaw Poland 750
27 Flavonoids of Rhodiola-Algida 684
28 Ecological Morphology of Some Medicinal Plants under Their Natural Growing Conditions Part 2 Rhodiola-Rosea 774
29 Flavonols and Coumarins of Rhodiola-Coccinea and Rhodiola-Quadrifida 735
30 Dependence of Photosynthesis of Some Wrangel Island Plants on Light Intensity 663
31 Chromosome Numbers of Some Plants Species of Chukotski Peninsula Part 2 674
32 Chemical Investigation and Resources of Rhodiola-Pinnatifida in Tuva-Assr 713
33 Rhodiola-Rosea of the Alpine Kuzbas Regions Ussr 631
34 Study of Biological Aspects and Reserve of Rhodiola-Rosea and Rhaponticum-Carthamoides in Central Altai Ussr 650
35 Rare Medicinal Plants of the Subalpine and Alpine Zones of the Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains Ussr and Their Protection 618
36 Effect of Rhodiola-Rosea on the Spontaneous Bio Electrical Activity and Electro Encephalographic Reactions of the Cerebral Cortex and Some Subcortical Structures 648
37 Embryological Studies of Some Species of the Family Crassulaceae 642
38 P Hydroxy Acetophenone and Picein from Rhodiola-Litvinovii 689
39 Oxyacetophenon and Picein from Rhodiola Litvinovii 663
40 Precarpathian and Carpathian Plants as a Source of Obtaining Drugs of the Uterine and Hemostatic Group 615
41 Photometric Determination of Rhodioloside in Rhodiola-Rosea Extractions 659
42 The Weevil Hylobius-Gebleri a Pest of the Rootstocks of Rhodiola-Rosea 693
43 Inter Dependence of Chemical Element Content in Soil and Rhodiola-Rosea Rootstock 661
44 Dependence of Photosynthesis on Temperature in Tundra Plants of Wrangel Island 677
45 Phenol Compounds of Rhodiola-Coccinea 715
46 Effect of Pipradrol and Rhodiola Preparations on Some Indices of Nucleic-Acid Protein and Energy Metabolism in the Muscles of Rats under Exhausting Exercise 650
47 Aldoximes as intermediates in the biosynthesis of tyrosol and tyrosol derivatives 680
48 Snow Land Communities of Reykjanes Peninsula Southwest Iceland Plant Communities of Reykjanes Peninsula Part 4 639
49 Rhodiolosid, a new glycoside from Rhodiola rosea and its pharmacological properties 641
50 Observations About the Phanerogamous Flora on the Belchen Peak in the Black Forest 794
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